Isle of Man Marathon

The Course

The Course

Manx Mountain Marathon 22 03 08 004

The races will be run over the Manx Northern course, starting and finishing in Ramsey. The race HQ will be at the Ballacloan Stadium, North Shore Road, Ramsey, where there are changing and toilet and shower facilities.

Both races follow the same circuit, which is just under 13.25 miles. Runners in the Marathon will complete slightly less than two circuits (to give the required marathon distance). The first 5 miles of the circuit are undulating, the high point of 259 feet being reached at approx. 4 miles (and 17 miles). The remainder of the course is mainly flat. Both races finish inside the Ballacloan Stadium.

Distances are marked at 1 mile intervals. The markers have been measured from the Marathon start line and for the Half Marathon, therefore, will each be approx. 200 yards over-distance. The course has been measured by an England Athletics accredited measurer. Drinks stations are located at approx. 3 mile intervals.

The Start

Marathon: The start point for the Marathon is on Mooragh Promenade, approx. 400 yards from Race HQ. There will be a 10 minute warning call for the 9:00 am start.

Half Marathon: The start point for the Half Marathon is also on Mooragh Promenade, 200 yards behind the marathon start. There will be a 10 minute warning call for the 9:30 am start.

Course Map

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